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The Race Forward Podcast is an open and ongoing conversation about God in race relations in America. Race Forward isn’t politically correct. It is a progressive discussion that tackles the heart of bigotry and systemic racism in our everyday lives. Click below and join the conversation.

Why Race Forward?

The American Declaration of Independence states that everyone has certain “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The pursuit of happiness is the right to build your own life and to seek to live your dream. These unalienable rights are available to all people, no matter their race, allowing everyone a life of peace and liberty and to live out their dreams. Black, white, Latino, Asian – All people! Race Forward is a conversation that tackles race in a fresh and amazingly candid way. The three hosts, Chuck Allen, Corron Boston, and Mauricio Meneses are embedded in this conversation that will frequently introduce you to guests that have a unique voice in the racial tensions in America. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Chuck Allen

Chuck Allen

Lead Pastor | Sugar Hill Church

Corron Boston

Corron Boston

Associate Student Pastor | Sugar Hill Church

Mauricio Meneses

Mauricio Meneses

Pastor of International Outreach | Sugar Hill Church

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Race Forward has one significant goal: To faithfully push the conversation about God in race relations in America. We are passionate about our faith and the impact it has on our culture.

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